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Better Days

a beast of impermanence
slicked and tough and calm 
every single heart will break
trampled underfoot like the earth 
heart breaker give me a chance


"get out from living inside of me"Tracey Emin - Untitled, 2008

I want a girl to tell me to buy her a beer at the bar so I can buy it and pound it right in front of her face.



Aragorn, Ranger from the Northcalled Strider, Dunadan of great worth.

fuckgrowingupletsstaykids said: You're a very good writer

Thank you! I really appreciate that.


Anonymous said: I had this cute ass poem that I wanted to share but the limit is fucking 200 words, I was proud of that poem ahh well, I like you're blog!

send it in multiple messages ):


Anonymous said: Who's the chick?

Don’t you wish


Legit thinking about posting a picture with my dick in it on here