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Better Days

knuckles and knees

I’m on knuckles and knees
I’ve got gold in my veins
but my fire’s gone out
why aren’t you listening, you say

I could be great
everything that you need
but my heart cannot see
what I’m destined to be, if anything 

I fall when I stand
or sit I’m not sure
is it me that holds me back
or the absence of her

your hands they never shook

until I said that I was leaving
and your will was always strong
but I can’t hear your heart beating, at all
is it because of me?

I know the time is fast approaching
I need to wake up or never again
and my mind is always racing
but my thoughts are never clear 
What do I do when it’s time, to decide
What do I do when it’s time, to decide

Break my hands and break my spirit
plug my ears so I can’t hear it
close my eyes to try to blank the times
you kept me here, kept me alive 

I see stairways to clouds
and tunnels of white
see the backyard I grew up in
and the way my friends cried

They said I could be anything 
but now that’s changed to nothing
and I’m left with all these dreams
of things that I cannot accomplish 


Anonymous said: Hey man, your song you posted was fucking astounding. Great job.

You don’t have to be anon to tell me that, I wish I could know who I’m thanking because I really appreciate that.


The only picture that exists from my childhood


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